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Iridium Extreme® PTT

The only truly global Push-To-Talk system.

Iridium Extreme PTT brings reliable group communications to the next level with truly global Push-To-Talk (PTT), voice, data, SMS, SOS, GPS, and Location-Based Services. This durable, dual-mode handset features a reinforced push-to-talk button and high audio loudspeaker, delivering fast and simple communications.


A Truly Global LMR Experience

The IC-SAT100 operates exclusively on Iridium Push-To-Talk, and is compatible with the full portfolio of Iridium and Iridium Connected® PTT products for easy-to-use, truly global push-to-talk capabilities. Icom also offers the VE-PG4, a RoIP router to interconnect and manage latency of other radio technologies into a unified communication scheme.



Global coverage

Global coverage (including North and South poles) thanks to the new constellation. LEO IRIDIUM "Next" satellites Satellite networks completely independent of terrestrial infrastructure.

Advanced features

Group call (up to 15 groups). Red alert button. Bluetooth for use with wireless accessories. Pre-programmed short messages such as SMS. Recording of communications

Very simple commissioning

Immediate remote activation Centralized setting. Cover bubbles that can be modified in real time thanks to the dedicated web interface

On-demand Coverage

Works by subscription depending on the surface to be covered. Real-time modification of coverage "bubbles" via a dedicated web interface. Communication groups included for surfaces up to 300,000 km²

Genuine PMR-type terminals

Robust and ergonomic professional radio terminal. Completely waterproof (IP67). Instant communications with PTT button. Side plug for connecting many head accessories. Long-lasting Latium battery (approx. 14h*).

Quality Communications

Instant communications at the touch of the PTT button. Great audio quality with 1500mW speaker

Coverage areas to choose from

The Small and Medium "Talkgroup" coverage areas.

With the "PTT Satellite" solution, you define the coverage areas adapted to your needs yourself from a dedicated web interface. The software proposes circular or rectangular areas whose areas in km² are added together to determine the total area of coverage used. Are your needs changing? No problem: cover bubbles can be changed in minutes using the web interface.


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